Miniplat Scallop System

Miniplat Scallop System The Miniplat has been extensively developed to provide Scallop growers with a cost-effective method of Scallop culture. The Miniplat will save on time, husbandry, manpower, shore-based operations, boat and fuel costs and can also bring the shells to market size more quickly due to its open construction and in the way that the shells are kept separate from each other.

Accessibility is designed into the system so that routine inspections and the removal of predators can be easily carried out.

Miniplats are easily stocked when standing vertically, each shell has its own compartment, preventing stock from being disturbed or stressed by its neighbours. Filling is quick, can be done by one person, and, as shells are inserted individually, there is no inadvertent filling with cross-species.

Shells can be easily removed from the Miniplats by placing the drop on a specially shaped table, pulling out the top sprue and sliding the Miniplats along its centre rope. The shells drop out, fall through the table and into a harvesting container below. The operation is quick and clean.

After harvesting, Miniplat drops can be left on the long line until ready for loading with fresh spat.Fouled baskets do not need to be taken ashore for cleaning unless the fouling is of a type that creates operating difficulties. The Miniplat is designed to afford the shells optimum conditions for growth.