Pot and Creel Base Panels

Lobster Pot Base Panels


Lobster Pot Base Panel

Base Panel


Lobster Pot Base Panel


Available in eight sizes and are made from high quality fully recycled polyethylene.

They are designed to give many years service.

Where there is no direct size panel for your pots, the floor panels (GDMLPP & GDDCPA) can be cut down and adjusted to fit most traditional pot sizes or repair damaged panels.

Size Part Number
25” x 18”  635mmx508mm GRMFP25
27“ x 20”  686mmx508mm GRMFP27
30” x 20”  762mmx508mm GRMFP30
34” x 20”  864mmx508mm GRMFP34
36” x 20”  914mmx508mm GRMFP36
38” x 20”  965mmx508mm GRMFP38
26.5” x 16.7”  675mmx424mm GDMLPP
29.5” x 20”  750mmx508mm GDDCPB